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John Chalmers
Other namesYellow
The Nose
Known for• WingsOfRedemption Moderator
• Founding of the UTB Discord
• Supporting financial opportunities for transgenders

Yellowsubmarine4, known IRL as John Chalmers, was a WingsOfRedemption moderator and founder of the Under the Bridge (UTB) Discord server. Yellow first came to prominence in the Whale Watchers Discord in early 2019 as a user that would routinely hand out unbans to trolls who asked him. For this reason, he was seen as a useful member and managed to coexist with others in the community. However, in May 2019, he was banned after concerns arose over how a moderator was able to publically participate in a troll Discord with Jordie's knowledge and not be unmodded. UTB was founded shortly after this incident, with some members moving or choosing to participate in both. In June 2019, after the dissoluton of Whale Watchers and the migration to the less successful SLVGE Discord, UTB became the main server and quickly gained popularity. Yellow, who was still a Wings moderator, claimed he had convinced Wings that he was using the Discord as a means of helping him to control the trolls. This explanation was convincing to UTB members and as such, Yellow was able to continue this role of playing both sides.

However, in January 2020, it came to light that Yellow had assisted Wings in proposing a payment deal to Leen, the most popular highlight channel at the time. The deal involved Leen making monthly payments of hundreds of dollars directly to Wings, as a condition of Wings not striking his channel. Although Wings had made several statements beforehand revealing this deal, the community was split on if he was telling the truth - this would be the first direct evidence that it was. Yellow was doxed immediately after and forced out of the Discord.