WingsTings V2

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WingsTings V2
Willie J Furlow

(1996-12-19)December 19, 1996
Dayton, Ohio
DiedJuly 2020(2020-07-00) (aged 23)
Cause of deathSuicide
Other namesWill Herbo
Willie Rose
Known forWingsOfRedemption Highlight Channel

WingsTings V2 was a WingsOfRedemption YouTube channel known for low quality highlights of his streams. The videos were edited using iMovie and used excessive visual effects, being inappropriately sprinkled in throughout the highlight. Interestingly, he was one of the longest lasting channels, operating from early 2018 (after the retirement of the original Wings Tings) to late 2019.

V2 did not start on good terms with the community, initially claiming to be the original Wings Tings on a new channel (despite zero resemblance to the original channel and creator). He was forced to drop this impersonation attempt due to widespread backlash and ridicule from everyone with a functioning brain. He would continue operating in his small corner of the Wingsverse with limited relevancy until the end of his run.


In December 2020, a comment was posted under the last video of Herbo's personal channel stating "R.I.H WILLIE I LOVE YOU". In the same comment thread, Herbo's friend would confirm that he had died. Further research would reveal that he had died sometime in July 2020, likely from suicide.