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Jonathan Wilkins

(2000-09-11) September 11, 2000 (age 23)
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Other namesJonny Bravo
Sam's Swamp
EducationRock Hill High School
Years active2021 - Present
Height5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Partner(s)Miranda Ghent
ChildrenBentley Ghent / Wilkins
Parent(s)Lisa Marie Wilkins
Keith C. Wilkins
RelativesChance Wilkins AKA Cyraxx

Wings007 is a troll channel and failed former child rapper that was started after GulagKingpin retired from uploading videos.

Early Life

Wings007 was born in a hasidic Jewish community in Rock Hill, SC to Lisa Marie Wilkins (17 at the time) and Keith C. Wilkins (35 at the time). 007 being the biproduct of a (likely) grooming victim is most likely the catalyst for the future mistreatment of his son.

The Desire for Internet Clout

Wings007 has been on the internet since at least the early 2010s, beginning as a child rapper with the stage name "Jonny Bravo". His most prominent song being "Unstoppable". 007 would try to continue his passion for shitty hick rap in the future with his failed ventures on Soundcloud, which only would be used for fuel to ridicule him in the future.

Beginnings as a Troll

Wings007 initially joined the community as a fan of GulagKingpin, looking up to him as his inspiration. He created his channel on August 14th of 2021, originally under the name of Wings & Things. His first video was a traditional highlight video titled "WingsOfRedemption calms down to answer some viewer questions", As of 2024, the video sits at nearly 3k viewers. On August 16th, 2021 he would rebrand to Lil Richard, his final alias before becoming Wings007.

Channel Growth

On August 17th, 2021 Wings007 would make his final name change, settling on the one he has now. Wings007 would eventually come into contact with Xbottle01 and join his troll community. 007 would gain prominence for uploading the Lions Dens that occurred in 2021 and 2022. In mid 2022, 007 would begin the Real Tawk twitch channel alongside Xycros, where they would restream Wings streams and beg for donations from their viewers. 007 and Xycros also dabbled into the merch business, thinking that any sane person would wear troll merch in public. The creation of Real Tawk would cause Wings to threaten to strike the channel, as he believed it was a violation of copyright.


In early 2022, audio of Wings007 and XBottle01 would be released by coolguyatlas in which they discussed doxxing various members of the Conway Whale Watchers discord. 007 claimed to have a friend in cybersecurity who he would utilize to doxx and swat the CWW trolls. The cause of their meltdown is most likely due to them being mocked by CWW for being grifters and only wanting to use fat for money and clout. Later in 2022, after Wings threatened to strike Real Tawk 007 would end up striking a deal with Wings, agreeing to pay him in order to not get struck, the deal was summarized as "You pat my back, I pat yours" by Wings. Around this time, 007 tried to rebrand himself on another channel called "Sam's Swamp", which he would quickly abandon after keen-eyed viewers realized that any comments accusing him of being 007 would be swiftly removed. The account was most likely made as an attempt to distance himself from the doxxing audio and the deal he made with Wings. In early 2023, WingsTingsV8 alongside MrYoloDikSwagger would make a video exposing 007 (Alongside Lummox) for the previously mentioned deal. The video would serve to sour 007s reputation among casual viewers of the Wings troll community, as 007 had already gotten disdain from veteran members of the community due to his desire to make profit off of Wings trolling.

Entry into other troll communities

007, always wanting to make a profit off of internet funny people, has tried to delve into other lolcow communities, including DSP, Onlyusemeblade, and as of 2024, his cousin Cyraxx.


LolcowLive Begging

Since the beginning of the LolcowLive podcast, 007 has constantly begged to be let on the podcast, mostly on Twitter and on the Real Tawk podcast. Keemstar has entertained the idea of allowing 007 but has stated that there needs to be "preparations", which included Keem supposedly being in contact with 007's neighbor, a reverse of the Aaron situation. Wings has protested 007's inclusion to an episode of the podcast due to him wanting to avoid being called a pedophile, thinking it would just be a repeat of the time Ethan Ralph was let on the podcast.

Appearance on LolcowLive

On February 22nd 2024, Wings007 was allowed onto the LolcowLive live show by Keemstar, the beginning of his time on would initially have some substance, but it would eventually turn into a complete troll disaster. 007 had the entire chat against him, and refused to get help from MrYoloDikSwagger or GulagKingpin on talking points or clips to bring up that Richard would be unable to defend. Wigger would end up being booted from the show after fumbling and as a last act he added his severely autistic friends who were literally nobodies in the greater trolling community.