The Modular Mansion

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The Modular Mansion
Address5476 Dongola Hwy, Conway, South Carolina
Known forResidence of WingsOfRedemption
OwnerSabrina Jordan (75%)
Jordie Jordan (25%)
Value$90,300 (2023 estimate)
Year Built2000
Area2,128 sqft

5476 Dongola Hwy, Conway, SC, better known as "The Modular Mansion", is WingsOfRedemption's current place of residence. Wings is incredibly insistent that it is not a double-wide trailer but is instead a "modular home" (an issue of semantics he is naturally drawn toward due to his crippling insecurity about his lot in life, often attempting to sugar-coat the depressing reality of his life circumstances by simply rephrasing them). Despite having paid off the multiple different mortgages for this property (3 in total, all taken out by the lovely Sabrina), Wings is not actually the legal owner. Instead, Wings claims he has a 25% stake in both the trailer and the land it resides on, with his mother owning the lion's share. Given that Wings made this claim directly after trolls uncovered the fact that the trailer was legally in his mother's name, despite Jordie having claimed it was now in his after paying off the most recent mortgage, it is possible that this "25%" arrangement is entirely fictitious and was simply a lie he told to help cope with the public humiliation. As with many things in Wings' life, the exact circumstances of his claim over the Modular Mansion are something of a white trash mystery.