Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church

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Put it awn mute

— Kelly Lambert Jordan

Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church
Address10247 Highmarket St - Georgetown SC
Known forLambert Family Church
OwnerCharles William Lambert Jr (?)

Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church is a cult church run by Kelly's family. The church was discovered in early July by WingsOfRedemption Professional Predator. Once discovered, members of the Conway Whale Watchers discord began to send messages to the church and review bomb their Google Maps page in order to get Kelly excommunicated. After MrYoloDikSwagger discovered that Kelly's parents lived next to the church, the plans to get her kicked out were scrapped and instead, the goal changed to spreading as much awareness about the inner goings on of the church as possible, including taking down the churches Google Maps page and replacing it with the much more accurate Lambert's Gate Church, a reference to the Heaven's Gate cult. The church now has a page on Google under Church of Yolo after the previously mentioned Lambert's Gate was taken down.

Cult Behavior

Sampit live streams all of their sermons to Facebook, and in the streams, the members, including Kelly, can be seen speaking in tongues as well as bribing small children with candy to eventually either sacrifice them or let them have a stay at the Modular Mansion, where they will be given enemas by Jordie.

Effect on Marriage

It is believed by many trolls that the discovery and trolling of the church contributed to a decline in the Jordan marriage. A day after the church was found and the review bombing was already well underway, Kelly could be heard on stream talking to another churchgoer about reviews and began crying shortly after, which led to the stream ended abruptly. In another stream, Kelly immediately demanded that Wings mute his microphone, most likely to talk about the church situation, which Wings refused to mention on stream, presumably due to Kelly's request to not draw attention to the trolling. Nowadays, Kelly is rarely seen on stream and when she is it is very brief, usually to snatch money away from Wings to pay their slave landscaper, Mr. Peanut.