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Other namesSilver_Article
Known forAdmin of Whale Watching Enthusiasts
We're dating now we moved in together. U can believe what u want but just know that loquid Richard pwned ur ass in every argument"

— Road

When it comes to the original six members that paved the way for the Wings trolling (Sixms and the five from the first discord call), most of them ended up either fading away entirely or stayed away from the spotlight early on. The one individual that stood around the longest of the six was the one that went by the name Road or Road34. As previously implied, he was among the members that was present in the first ever Discord call that occurred between Wings and the trolls.

When it came to "trolling", it didn't seem like Road really participated very much in the shenanigans, when the trolling community blew up, he was just known as one of the admins in the many Discord servers that didn't really seem to talk very much outside of the #admin/#trusted chats. At any given time, Road could be seen playing Dota 2 via the "Currently Playing" section under a user's name in Discord. Seeing as he stayed fairly to himself for the most part, just playing Dota, nobody really had any problems with him. It was only once he became more vocal that he started causing problems for himself.

For some reason, after LORD OF THE WINGS walked away from the trolling, Road started talking a lot more in the Discord and even started to appear on the subreddit under his account u/Silver_Article. All seemed somewhat normal up until the user BingeWings started rising to prominence. Binge was known for acting like a disjointed psychopath, and once he started becoming more well-known among the community, he started drawing a lot of negative attention to the server (most notably from KiwiFarms) and started seemingly infecting Road with his idiocy. The longer he and Road interacted, the worse Road got. Road started moving crazy, making numerous alternate accounts and doing and saying a bunch of off-the-wall, over-the-top antics with Binge like raiding and spamming other Discord servers. After a while, Road got careless and released enough about himself allowing others to figure out that he is a drug-addicted high-school dropout. This along with the amount of time he spent on Dota 2, it was safe to assume he was unemployed as well. With all this information, his behavior started to make a lot more sense.

Eventually, a number of Road's Discord accounts got banned for these antics he was engaged in with Binge. He was able to keep one of his newer accounts unbanned for a while. At this time, Road had gone off the deep end. He started giving a bunch of random people moderator privileges in the Discord including BingeWings, Ralad, YellowSubmarine4, and Elijah Manu. By this point, being spurred on by the whole KiwiFarms incident, most of the more active members in the higher ranks of the Whale Watchers Discord had broken off and had been in their own invite-only discord server(commonly referred to as "The OG trolls" discord) and had been there for a couple months, and it was in this server where talks about Road being out-of-control started. After about a month or two of Road having lost his mind, The Whale Watchers Discord had fallen into chaos. There was no central admin, questionable people were being given moderator power, YellowSubmarine4 had started his own rival Discord server full of Whale Watchers rejects who would come into Whale Watchers, spamming and trying to wreak havoc.

Around this time, The members of the thought it'd be funny to invite Road into the OG Discord since he seemed obsessed with them, claiming they were making alternate accounts in the Whale Watchers Discord and plotting against him 24/7 when they weren't. He was invited and joined for about two minutes, during which he tried to take screenshots and spammed a bunch of nonsense until he was kicked and banned. He then swiftly ran over to KiwiFarms to post his screenshots thinking he had gotten some good intel on the members of the OG Trolls Discord. His post was met with indifference from the KiwiFarms users as they didn't show anything but the members of the Discord server just talking about regular stuff. After a while, Road had gotten banned from Discord again, but this time, he had no contingency plan to re-admin himself. This left the Discord only having WingsofObesity and FiremanCandor as pseudo-admins and Tears and the dead, inactive sock-owner account controlled by LordofTheWings as the only true admins. The only one of these individuals that was regularly active being Candor. Candor seeing how far the Whale Watchers server had fallen, decided to ban all other members and raze the server. After doing so, Candor made an announcement post on r/WingsofRedemption titled "The Discord Has Been Given A Holy Cleansing" in which he details the recent events happening with the Discord server, the lead up to its end, and the official opening of the SLVGE Discord server. In this post, Candor threw a bit of shade at Road for his behavior and poor decisions, to which Road to take too kindly to.

After this, Road started making alternate Reddit accounts to come and talk shit to Candor. Road made about three separate accounts (Stropharia, Summer517, and ChemicalMagician5) for this purpose and did not stop talking shit until a little while after r/WingsofRedemption was banned from Reddit. After the banning of r/WingsofRedemption, Road wasn't seen on Reddit under any account that is known to be his but, he did start going around on FiremanCandor's YouTube videos talking shit in the comments section and sending mindless insults to him via Discord DMs, changing his Discord account's nickname to "FIREMANFUCKTARD". Around early 2021, Road left one last comment on one FiremanCandor's videos and hasn't been heard from since.