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I like this place. They seem fine, they even like my memes.

— PowderedWigLouis, 2021

Louis' main profile picture on discord.
Other namesKill Biden Trump 4 God Emperor
Years active2021 - Present

In life, there are people born with artistic talent that go unrecognized, however PowderedWigLouis was no such person. In mid-2021, Louis had joined the Conway Whale Watchers discord server from the now-deceased Banworld 2.0 server. It's unclear what Louis' intentions were when joining, although it was implied that he initially viewed CWW in a negative light.

Entry into CWW

Louis was not shy to engage in conversations in CWW. He began posting messages shortly after joining the server and when granted image perms, he began to share his collection of original creations of WingsOfRedemption memes. The initial reception to his memes were understandably negative, consisting of existing images plastered with poorly cropped PNGs of Wings' face, bowls of Wendy's Chilli, fast food bags and so on. Within the various private channels, some server members agreed to big-up Louis' memes to encourage him to post more.

This worked like a charm, and soon Louis was pumping out bottom-of-the-barrel-tier memes into the chat that would offend the most pacifistic blind person, not due to crude humour or offensive jokes, but rather due to the sheer lack of self-awareness in proudly producing visual dog vomit. Bolstered by the positive reception, Louis returned to his tard playpen of Banworld 2.0 to express his happiness to be in CWW and how they seemed to like his memes.

Exit from CWW

There is a saying that "The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long", so you can only imagine how miraculously bright Louis' flame was for him to be booted out of CWW within an afternoon.

It began with a user posting a screenshot from one of Wings' Dark Souls streams showing a paid subscription from 'PowderedWigLouis'. Of course, questioning ensued and Louis tried to deny it at first but then said he did it by accident. No one was buying either story and as such, the questioning soon turned to a dogpile of ridicule and mockery from the rest of the server members. Louis later revealed that he subbed and donated to Wings so that he could watch his uploads.

A server member known as WingsOfWifeAbuse then began reposting Louis' memes and claimed them (in jest) as his own creations. This tipped Louis over the edge and caused him to lash out at the server members and even took to the admins' DMs to complain about server members reposting his memes and claiming credit for them. It's clear that Louis held massive pride over his personal creations and then began complaining to his Banworld 2.0 compatriots. Unfortunately for Louis, his compatriots were too busy shitting their diapers and quoting 2017 Wings' quotes in general chat to care.

Louis was shortly banned from CWW after his spergout but soon returned under an alt account known as 'Kill Biden Trump 4 God Emperor'. He attempted to tag the admins for help, implying that he cared more about his memes being reposted rather than being unbanned on his main account. This went as well as one would expect and Louis' alt was shortly banned too.


Louis is active to this day and resides within the Real Tawk discord server. Although it has been over 2 years since Louis' fateful entry & exit from CWW, he continues to lose sleep and cry about them. A quick search in the Real Tawk server will show that Louis has mentioned CWW nearly 1000 times on separate occasions, although Louis will be quick to point out that it is in fact CWW that lives rent free in his head.

Porn addiction

Louis' Reddit account was found in 2021 and he was seen to be mainly active in coomer subreddits, with a particular fondness for foot fetish communities. Louis' reddit account was shortly banned from reddit due to unknown circumstances.

Removal from Real Tawk

Understandably, not even the autists in Real Tawk could stand Louis for extended periods of time, resulting in his blackening and then departure from the server in early 2024



Louis' YouTube Channel