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The thieving snide himself
Other namesTaylor
Taylor Murkah
Occupation(s)Youtube Content Creator
Host of PKA
Years active2011 - Present
Height5 ft 11 in (1.80 m)
Fuck Murka. I don't give a shit about Murka. All Murka did was sit there and come in and take all the money I deserve from PKA. That's all MurkaDurkah did so fuck him.

— WingsOfRedemption

For someone who has had such a miniscule amount of interaction with our favourite Conway native, few have managed to provoke the ire of Wings in quite the same way MurkaDurkah has over the years. This is due to the fact that Taylor brings out an entirely different type of seething from ya boy J than most; not seethe based in anger, but instead in extreme jealousy. This deep-seeded envy stems from the fact that Wings sees Taylor as nothing more than a man who stole his spot as co-host of the Painkiller Already podcast directly from under him, enjoying all the prestige and riches that come with such a position that Wings believes ought to belong to himself.

In reality (something Jordie often struggles to comprehend), Taylor replaced an entirely different PKA host, Lefty, and had been a long-standing friend of the show up until that point, with many attributes that made him a worthy candidate for the position that all have absolutely nothing to do with WingsofRedemption. In spite of this, Wings still feels that Taylor has somehow taken something from him, partly due to his bitter resentment at having been kicked off of PKA a few months before it was monetised and partly due to Wings' longstanding sense of entitlement. Taylor remains a host of the show to this day, often referred to as "the best host PKA ever had" by fans (a sentiment Jordie wilfully ignores).