Lummox: A Hired Hoodlum

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Lummox: A Hired Hoodlum is a content farm run by Paul Green, an employee of Jordie Jordan. Lummox began uploading in mid-2019, originally under the name of Wings of Highlights. His videos have been relatively unchanged over the years, all of them having little to no editing other than a color filter. In January of 2023, Lummox was exposed by MrYoloDikSwagger and WingsTingsV8 for paying Wings in order to not have his content struck down.

Early Life

Lummox: A Hired Hoodlum
Paul Green

2000 (age 23–24)
Other namesLil Lummy (self-styled)
Years active2018 - Present

Paul Green was born in Hasidic Jewish family in state of New York