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The current profile picture for the Lolcow Live YouTube channel.

Lolcow Live is a poorly ran podcast created by Keemstar, that Wings used to be a part of. It features Boogie2988 and TommyC (who isn't considered a lolcow by anyone) as the Lolcows, as well as TurkeyTom, Nicholas DeOrio, and SomeOrdinaryGamers as "Farmers" (Probably a reference to Kiwifarms, but none of these 3 fit on a podcast like this). The podcast gets low viewership, rarely cracking over 90k views on a video within a month of it being released.

Before the podcast released, there was some internal struggles that were not revealed until the podcast dropped. Keemstar was revealed to be lashing out at Boogie2988 for doing a live interview with ReviewTechUSA and SomeOrdinaryGamers. MrYoloDikSwagger would upload a video making fun of Keemstar when the voice messages were released.

Manufactured Drama

Due to the podcast being extremely boring, Keemstar has resorted to manufacturing drama, usually involving Boogie2988 and various escapades involving his underage girlfriend. Examples include, the time Boogie faked quitting the podcast, the fake cheating drama, and the plagiarism drama. Whenever real drama is brought up (Usually involving Wings' interesting comments on children in the past) Wings will ask Keem to skip over it.

Wings Leaves temporarily and Returns

On January 27th 2024, Wings would quit doing Lolcow Live. It is suspected that the reason to him quitting was guests coming in and confronting him about his pedophilic comments.

Later on January 30th 2024, a livestream was hosted on the Lolcow Live YouTube channel where Wings was featured explaining why he quit the podcast, with the Lolcows and Keemstar trying to convince Wings to rejoin the podcast. Wings eventually agreed to comeback on the condition that the podcast would censor any guests, live chatters, or anyone posting on the Lolcow Live subreddit that would attempt to call out his pedophilia. This made some people assume this was more manufactured drama, but that would soon prove to be false. Keemstar suggested that he add two of the moderators from his YouTube to moderate the Lolcow Live YouTube streams, to which Wings would agree, but would never follow through.

Some people on the Lolcow Live subreddit would express their concern with having Wings moderators moderate the Lolcow Live shows, as they operate the streams like North Korea.

Wings Leaves Again

On February 6th 2024, Wings would quit again after heavy fire from trolls hurting his feeling in the Lolcow Live chat. A livestream was then hosted on the Lolcow Live YouTube channel in which the remaining Lolcows as well as Keemstar were explaining how Wings was angry. Wings was originally going to be present on the livestream but fled once trolls started to flood in. He decided to remain in chat to defend himself but was unsuccessful. Keemstar decided to invite Wings to the discord call, and Wings proceeded to state that he would only Join on the condition that he would get moderator status. Keemstar gave him moderator status and when Wings joined he was quickly scrutinized by Tommy C. It was during this that Keemstar would reveal that Wings had not chosen any moderators from his stream to moderate Lolcow Live, Wings said in defense that there was no point because the podcast was being moved to Rumble which was not entirely true since that decision was not set in stone and the podcast was simply pitched to Rumble. He would then eventually leave and retreat back to chat to claim he "Didn't care about being yelled at" which begs the question why he even left the discord call if he didn't care about being yelled at. After a little bit of coping, Wings would then leave the live chat and start a YouTube livestream after everyone in the Lolcow Live stream turned against him including the moderators. As expected the stream would be a disaster with Wings blaming everything on the trolls and Keemstar. Wings and his moderators would start to ban anybody trying to talk about the current events happening in the Lolcow Live stream, such as Review Tech USA joining as a guest. Keemstar tried again to get Wings on the Livestream, but it failed since he saw that Ethan Ralph was in the call, and he had already made his decision to leave permanently. When Ralph left the stream Keem tried another time to get him on even going as far as telling the viewers to tell him to join. This attempt was successful, Boogie would then attempt to convince Wings to come back. Wings would mention he reported the Lolcow Live subreddit, and his reasoning for doing so was because trolls were using the subreddit as a platform that they could use to troll and not worry about being taken down. Wings would also continue his sympathy begging by saying he has the worst life out of anybody on the podcast. SomeOrdinaryGamers would join the Livestream and Wings would dump all of his struggles towards him, including a previously unknown situation in which his dentist asked if he was a pedophile. Boogie would then counter the argument Wings brought up where he said he was the only one with the problems he has by Boogie telling his experiences with trolls in public. The stream would end with Wings saying that he would tell the podcast hosts something of stream, it is currently unknown what he said.