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Liquid Richard
Known forLiquid Richard Music Albums
To FiremanCandor: I won't have to beg for it. You're just gonna give it to me like always.

— 3PM

Over the lapse of time that has passed, the trolls have output a medley of varying forms of video content for a slew of purposes, whether it be the highlight videos of Sean Ranklin or LordofTheWings to expose his toxicity, the archive videos from Black Salve to keep a record of the dumb shit Wings does, or the edits from the likes of WingsofRedemption Factory of Sadness and VincentNotJordie simply for the memes. The arrival of one specific individual brought forth one of the more unique forms of content that has come across the Wings trolling industry.

LiquidRichard popped up in the Whale Watching Enthusiasts Discord around the early to early midpoint of the server's life. He came in and gave a teaser of a song that he was working on and eventually, after building up the hype, he finally released the full song to an extremely positive reception. With his newfound attention, he ended up deciding on releasing a full album. After about 15 unfulfilled promises of release dates, Liquid finally released his first album "Miami Blacked". Again, the album, was met with massive praise from the rest of the Discord members. With the combination of his continuous activity in the Discord and his being in good graces with the creator of the server LordofTheWings, he found himself earning a "Trusted" role in the Discord which granted him access to the private "Trusted" chat room where all the Trusted, Mods, and Admins conversated. Little did we know, this would be the beginning of the end for LiquidRichard. While most of the original trolls that have been around for a while were against monetization of any kind, a few new randos in the general chat--for whatever reason--felt the need to give LiquidRichard payment for his content. This led to LiquidRichard opening himself up for Paypal donations. This subsequently led to him trying to sell his songs on

With his newly gained rank, he grew more and more comfortable sharing information and thoughts with the rest of the Trusted crew. This was his second mistake(his first was caring too much about what other people think but, we'll get to that later). His growing confidence in sharing his feelings with the others in the channel led to him revealing that he felt annoyed that people weren't donating enough. He pulled a full-on BadBunny, whining about how much work he put into the songs and that he deserves more. Now, the admins' mistake was not banning him then and there but, because he was doing something new and different that most seemed to love, he was only deranked in the server to just a "regular" member. He was even given his role back after begging for it, although, after continuing to whine about donations, Liquid ended up leaving the Discord a little while after.

After a few months of radio silence, LiquidRichard returned to the Discord to promote another album he was about to start working on. The story with this one was the same with the last one: Liquid, every week telling everyone "It will be released at [Insert Date]" then, once that time came, he'd change the date. Eventually, it ended up being released. He even, of his own volition, sent a physical copy of it to Wings' trailer. Wings showed the physical disc on stream and then, LiquidRichard slit his own wrists. A donation for $54 popped up on the screen from a user with the name "LiquidRichard". Over the course of the next few streams, a few more donations popped up with that same name. When asked if it was actually him sending the donations, he admitted to the donation and provided the 12 IQ reasoning of "I want to give him a cut for providing the content for the albums". He also, for some reason thought it was smart to show us that he had been messaging Wings on Facebook where Wings was asking Liquid for a cut of the profits. This foolish action led to the a few members turning on LiquidRichard

LiquidRichard's stupidity couldn't have been timed any worse, as once he had already gotten himself in hot worter, that was around the time the nerds from KiwiFarms popped up. They ended up doxing a few no-names in the Discord. Along with them, however, was LiquidRichard. This sent LiquidRichard into a panic and he started deleting everything and ended up going into hiding. He eventually created his own secret Discord server called "Pepsi Drinkers" where he invited many of the higher-ranking members from the Whale Watching Enthusiasts Discord. This server is where he spent his time panicking over people finding out who he was. The more KiwiFarms found on him, the more his blood pressure rose. The dumb thing is, many call it doxing but, Liquid was never really "doxed" per se. He was just an idiot and had all his real-life social media accounts(Facebook, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) linked to his Discord account so, we all were able to see it... and it had been like that since the first day he joined the server. KiwiFarms did, however go out of their way to find find his daddy's facebook. Liquid eventually ended up leaving the Pepsi Drinkers server and went completely dark for about 2 months.

Liquid came back after another few months to promote more of his songs on the Discord and on the newly booming WingsofRedemption subreddit. The subreddit's moderator FiremanCandor began removing posts from the subreddit so as to not promote LiquidRichard and his actions of paypigging for Wings and begging for money. Once LiquidRichard caught wind of this, he started DMing Candor on Discord whining about the removals. It was like the verbal form of flailing your arms around angrily throwing windmill haymakers with terrible accuracy, infused with the hatred of a 12 year old in a Call of Duty lobby. During his spaz session, he calmed down enough to provide an explanation for his actions. This dumb n*gga goes and tells Candor that he was afraid Wings could sue him, so he paid him off to keep him from doing so. Over the next few months, despite claiming "I'm still gonna get dem views, so don't worry about it", he continued to throw tantrums in Candor's inbox whining about the post removals. Less involved users of the subreddit began to wonder why others were turning on Liquid and why any posts promoting him were being removed. It seemed as though most missed or didn't know about Liquid's donations to Wings because as Candor spread the word and made the DMs between himself and LiquidRichard public, the more animosity toward Liquid grew. As more people grew to dislike LiquidRichard, the more it killed Liquid inside, and the more he kept spamming Candor's inbox, making a fool of himself. While most of the messages contained insults--the likes of which you'd hear from a down syndrome 8 year old, there were a few moments where Liquid was able to gather his composure enough to speak coherent thoughts. As Candor continued to mentally demolish LiquidRichard in DMs, it quickly became clear what Liquid’s motivation was for joining the trolling industry. He tried multiple times to “gotcha” Candor by saying he hopes Wings disappears so that Candor will become a nobody, as if being “well known” (if that), made him somebody to begin with. Candor expressed his lack of fucks to give but, Liquid continued stating things like “You bring nothing to this community”. It was then that it became clear that Liquid was desperate for adoration. He needed people to like him, and for some reason, he decided to pick a bunch of asswipes on the internet that troll a fat idiot to jester for. Along with his desperate attention-seeking, Liquid also exhibited what was either hypocrisy or just a complete lack of self-awareness. In response to KiwiFarms bringing up the ChozoWarrior incident, he claimed the Discord had become a toxic place and made a Tweet claiming that "he had not participated in any of the toxicity of the Discord" when, not only was he one of the main ones taunting Chozo, he even made a song snippet out of that Discord call. He attempted to call Candor a “punk” for what he saw as “trying to stay anonymous” just because he, nor anyone else shows their face or speaks in voice chat. It seemed as though he had forgotten the part where he ran away scared once KiwiFarms broadcasted his personal information. He had fooled himself into thinking he keeps his dirt on the surface when in actuality, he was just too stupid to keep it buried like it should have been. He also tried to claim Candor was obsessed while, every week, Liquid would randomly DM Candor for no reason to start whining again, as well as sitting in #general chat bitching about Wings for hours on end. It started to become clear that Liquid idolized Candor but, when Candor grew hostile toward him, it shattered his poor little heart. This made him lose his shit. He even subtly hinted at the idea that he wanted to kill Candor during a DM conversation.

As public opinion toward LiquidRichard began to sour, Liquid began sporadically leaving and joining the Discord for whatever reason, as well as deleting, creating, and renaming Twitter accounts. Once his views started to dwindle, he began to remove himself from the Wings trolling, trying to act like he was too good for it. He claimed the Wings trolls were obsessed and had nothing better to do, when he would sit in the discord whining about Wings all day and night. It was clear that he was just hurt that no one liked him anymore. Though, he said multiple times that he was done with the Wings trolling, he continued to show up in the subreddit as well as mention and make songs about Wings. He began to employ the Boogie2988 tactic of “self deprecation to avoid criticism” via changing his Twitter and Discord names to “E-beggar”. At this point, LiquidRichard was a laughing stock in the Wings trolling industry. His distinct style and the novelty of his content gave him a quick rise to popularity but, seeing as with every album, it was the same thing over and over, just Wings clips poorly clipped together and autotuned, his content quickly became stale and that novelty faded. His desperate need for mass appeasement and his ego led him to getting a big head. He floated too close to the sun and got turned to ash. As it sits now, LiquidRichard hasn't seemed to have shown up in anything Wings related(with his main account at least) aside from a few fringe Discord servers that have now been banned or nuked. He does still mention Wings here and there on Twitter. Liquid now has found himself craving some Mandingo. He now worships LowTierGod. It would seem that due to LowTierGod's positive reception towards Liquid's edits and Liquid relating to LTG's faux-masculinity, Liquid loves the attention he gets from what he sees as a manly-man and has fallen in love with LTG.

Brief Return

In early August of 2020 Liquid would come out of hiding and join the Conway Whale Watchers Discord. Although at first, the newbie members praised him and his music, some veteran trolls immediately took to reminding him of his past. Liquid took the defensive, claiming that everyone who was trolling him was a Road/BingeWings alt, and that people couldn't "stay off his dick." He threw an hour long tantrum before he would leave the server in shame. This didn't last long though, as when followed to Twitter DMs, he began to claim that the character that was obviously him having a meltdown, was not actually him, but a random person he met in an LTG troll Discord. This act also did not last long, as a few days after his Discord meltdown, he was a guest star in a Battlefield 5 stream on WingsOfRacism's YouTube channel. People joined the chat and began messing with Liquid, and although he mostly ignored it, a single comment drove him over the edge. In the background of Liquid's house, a cat could be heard meowing loudly. A troll named coolguyatlas commented that Liquid should stop downing vodka and tend to his hungry pet, referencing Liquid's known alcoholism. He lost it, calling coolguyatlas "fucking pathetic" and telling him to "keep rotting in troll discords forever." This blew any cover of his past Discord actions being done by an impostor, as that line was a direct quote of something he said in chat. WingsOfRacism tried to calm the situation, but Liquid left the stream in a rage, and has not been seen since.