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Kiwi Farms
OwnerJoshua "Null" Moon
Parent1776 Solutions LLC (previously Final Solutions LLC)
Users16,000 daily logins, as of 2022
LaunchedFebruary 4, 2013; 11 years ago (2013-02-04)

Kiwi Farms, formerly known as CWCki Forums is a forum created by Joshua "Null" Moon that facilitates the discussion of Lolcows and other eccentric online personalities.

In late 2022, the Farms were targeted by an organized campaign to shut down the site, mainly led by Lolcows whose misadventures had been thoroughly documented on the forums. Known pervert and rape enthusiast, Liz Fong-Jones, led the charge by harassing internet companies into denying service to the Farms and conducting regular DDoS attacks which continue to the present day.

In relation to WingsOfRedemption, KiwiFarms has often clashed with the Wings Trolls, mainly due to the Farms' official stance of "observe, don't interact" in regard to Lolcows. These differences culminated in early 2019 with the KiwiFarms vs Discord Trolls saga, where the previously inactive Wings thread participants would take an interest in the community surrounding the Lolcow. The general sentiment was that while flawed, Wings did not deserve the level of attention and harassment levied against him by his trolls. This level of sympathy would reach a point where Joshua Moon requested to play a match of Rainbow 6 with Wings. With the increase in exposes and even further degradation of Jordie's image, the positivity towards Wings largely faded away, with the exception of a short-lived surge during the boxing match.

The faces of #DropKiwiFarms

KiwiFarms vs Discord Trolls


Faked Wings007 Screenshot Incident

On January 16th 2024, a wings troll channel would upload a video on how Wings007 crashed his car while drag racing with his child in the back. The video featured a screenshot of text messages between Wings007 and what is assumed to be his Ex-Wife.

The text messages between Wings007 and his Ex-Wife.

The screenshots would reach Kiwifarms and would start and long debate as to whether the messages were real or not.