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Joseph L Jacobs

(1995-07-06) July 6, 1995 (age 28)
Harrisburg, North Carolina
Other namesJoman67
RelativesJessie Jacobs (brother)
Michael Jacobs (brother)
Merlianne Jacobs (sister)

Joman66, known in real life as Joseph L Jacobs, is a WingsOfRedemption fan and sexual deviant who currently resides at his parents' house in 446 Woodside Dr, Harrisburg NC. Joman first came to prominence in 2020 as a hardcore fan, donating large sums of money. This quickly earned him a position as chat moderator, where he engaged the "ban first, ask questions later" strategy that has become synonymous with Wings moderators. Joman has been estimated to have donated upwards of $5000 to Wings since 2020. While some have questioned the logic of donating to Wings over moving out of his parents' house, it's still not as bad as donating to Wings while literally being homeless.

2021 Kelly Debacle

In April 2021, MrYoloDikSwagger uploaded a video exposing a small Discord which consisted of Kelly and some Wings mods, including Joman. In the leaked screenshots, Kelly and Joman can be seen flirting with each other. Notably, Kelly posted a picture of Wings and Joman in the living room together. Yolo's video, which had featured this picture, soon received a strike by Joman who demanded that his face be blurred - Yolo complied to keep the video up, which became his most viewed video.

2024 Porn Video Leak

In March 2024, Joman was exposed for a masturbation video he had uploaded to a gay porn website, which was discovered after several of his online accounts were compromised. The video titled "Hockey Pants + Vibrator = Cum" depicted a half-nude Joman wearing bondage-like gear masturbating using a vibrator while fingering himself, before ejaculating on his stomach. One individual who had the misfortune of watching the video called it a "stomach-turning act of depravity". Though not recommended, the video can be viewed here.

Immediately after the leak, Joman was contacted by a troll who gave him a courtesy call and informed him of the leak. In response to this, Joman began divulging information about Wings and private chats he was part of. Little of this information was useful and his initial cooperation quickly turned to radio silence. Joman then privated his Twitter account and has not been spotted in a Wings stream since.