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Joe Jordan
Facebook profile picture (2017)
Joseph Jordan
Height5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)

i am loking for a golf cart at a reasonable price

— Joe Jordan

It's no secret that Wings has always been very open about the happenings surrounding his family's lives, whether it be his brother's pill addiction, his stepfather's attempts to get handsy with his sister, or his childhood friend's struggles with homelessness. One family member that is often not mentioned often is Wings' father. Wings has only mentioned his father on a handful of occasions and every time, he describes him with great contempt. For the longest time, no one knew anything about Wings' father other than the few characteristics assigned to him by Wings including: abusive, deadbeat, and most prominently an alcoholic.

One of the simplest ways to get Wings to mention his father is to steer the conversation to the topic of addiction. Wings being the way he is, having to place blame on outside forces will always bring up his father when talking about addiction, referencing the idea that he comes from an "addictive household" looking to his siblings' battles with drug-abuse and even his own inability to control his eating habits. Without fail, though, he will always throw out this line "...and that's why I don't drink... because my father was an alcoholic, and I seen what happened to him".

The way Wings described his father, he made it seem like Joe was some homeless drunkard living under a bridge somewhere and that he hated his father's guts. However, During a stream sometime between the of 2018 and February, 2019, Wings fired up an IRL stream where he sat on the porch talking with his mother and grandmother. While talking, his grandmother mentioned his daddy. While on the topic, Wings made a joke where he slipped and said his father's name. This led to people going to Facebook and looking up Wings' father. Joe's Facebook was fairly bland, only holding two low-quality pictures of himself in a dingy shirt and tipped fedora, one of which, Gangster Grandma commented on in three separate comments saying "You look like your daddy", "You have put on some weight", and "Sabrina got married to David". There is also a very old photo of two men and a car, and about three photos of a young child from 2012, one of which being captioned simply as "chase". It is presumed that this boy is possibly a half-brother of Wings. Other than these photos, Joe made one post asking about golf-carts for sale. The rest of his posts were just quoted links and articles supporting Donald Trump and bashing Nancy Pelosi.

Reconciliation with Wings

On February 22, 2019, Wings posted an image to twitter of himself standing (camera-right) with his arm around a man who looked just like the man from the Joe Jordan Facebook account and a teenage boy on the other side(camera-left) with his arm also around the man. Everyone believed this to be his father and this "Chase" character. About a week or two after this post, during a Twitch stream, Wings mentions that he "recently had a reconciliation with his father". On October 14, 2019 and November 26, 2019, Joe share some political images on his Facebook to which Wings replied trying to seem like a woke intellectual, disagreeing with the content of the posts. Wings' comments got no reply from his father. Since those interactions, it is unsure if Wings and his father have crossed paths again but, it would seem unlikely.