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Other namesSupremeCandor
Known forCreating and administrating r/WingsOfRedemption

FiremanCandor, currently going by UltraCandor, is a WingsOfRedemption troll best known for founding r/WingsOfRedemption, one of the earliest organized communities in the trolling sphere. Alongside the Whale Watching Enthusiasts Discord (which he helped administrate), the subreddit served as the popular centre for memes and criticism levied against Wings. Candor would engage in hand-to-hand trolling too, hurling insults at Wings from multiple Twitter accounts or making his Playstation profile background a large black penis (which Wings would open on stream to great comedic effect).

He is also notable for creating the Jordie Jordan wiki in early 2018 on Fandom, a wiki hosting service. Progress was slow, but a few entertaining and informative articles were produced, all of which have been migrated to this encyclopedia. Fandom banned the wiki some time in 2020 or 2021.

After the fall of the Whale Watching Enthusiasts Discord in June 2019 and the banning of r/WingsOfRedemption in December 2019, FiremanCandor slowly faded from public consciousness. However, he continued to shit on Wings through the subsequent years on various Twitter and Reddit accounts. He was last spotted in the SLVGE Discord on May 3rd, 2023.

Legacy [WIP]