Edmonton Skeptic

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Edmonton Skeptic
Edmonton, Canada
Other namesWings of Obesity (Discord handle)
Known forCriticism and Exposes

Edmonton Skeptic is a Canadian lawyer and former WingsOfRedemption troll. He first came to prominence with an elaborate Reddit post on /r/PKA in May 2018, where he narrated his experiment of scheduling a gastric bypass surgery with Tijuana Bariatrics. The speed at which he was able to schedule the surgery exposed Wings to a large extent, who at this point had been dragging his feet for months and peddling countless excuses. The blowback from this post would culminate in the infamous "WingsofRedemption's HUGE PITY RANT about Surgery skeptics!" Sean Ranklin video, where Wings was confronted by critics while playing Dark Souls.

During the KiwiFarms vs Wings Trolls debacle in January 2019, Edmonton would become a target of the farms due to his status as a moderator in the Whale Watching Enthusiasts Discord, where he went by "Wings of Obesity". In particular, the mob took issue with Edmonton's operation of the jordiejordan.org website, where he hosted a joke resume[1] highlighting Jordan's (lack of) skills. Some users claimed this was hurting his job prospects and was "crossing the line". Edmonton joined the KiwiFarms thread and engaged in some predictable shit-flinging but to no avail. He would step away from the Wingsverse soon after this, seemingly never to return again.


TODO: Information about Edmonton's return, ownership of /r/JordieMcCratyJordan and string of exposes.

Current Status

After his disappearance from the community, Edmonton Skeptic would briefly re-emerge on Reddit in 2021 with a video from Sampit Pentecostal Holiness Church, which he claimed showed Kelly singing. However, users were quick to point out that the woman in the video was in fact Kelly's mother. After this strange post, Edmonton would again disappear and has not been sighted since.