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Known forCrossdressing
I've been to Thailand... I enjoyed the ladyboys

— 3PM

Of all the characters that have made their way through the Wings troll community, there are two who have stained their mark of infamy in the annals of the troll Discord. The first of these scandalous individuals goes by the name 3PM. 3PM's story starts off fairly normal: they found out about Wings and the trolling community surrounding him. This community intrigued him so, he decided to join the discord. When he first joined, too our of the ordinary was immediately evident. He didn't talk all too often so, no one really picked up on anything at first... except for one thing. His profile picture was some feminine looking person with blonde hair but, something about the person's face seemed off... Over the first few weeks of 3PM being in the Discord, he changed his profile picture two or three times to photos ranging from shots of legs in stockings to close-up half-shots of the aforementioned blonde-haired person's face. Eventually, a few of the Discord members began asking 3PM who that was in their profile picture, to which 3PM responded with coy, tight-lipped non-answers.

After about a month or two, of being in the Discord, one of the more relatively recent members to the discord by the name of SodaSweet43 who was made a "Trusted Member" by one of the then Discord admins Road34, mysteriously vanished. Another month or two had passed and another of the more well-known trusted members by the name of Lee, came to the rest of the trusted group with some shocking news. He had been informed that SodaSweet43 had been trading risqué photos with 3PM through discord DMs, and left due to fear of his information being leaked and his family--consisting of a wife and two kids--finding out about his online activities.

3PM claims to have gotten quite a few DMs from some of the general members in the Discord via using one of the stocking photos as bait, although, wouldn't provide any names. 3PM did share that someone had sent him a pic of their glizzy, and the word is that the one who sent the glizzy pic was none other than BingeWings. There seems to be no evidence for this rumor however.

After being informed about this information and laughing hysterically at the situation, the discord mods banned 3PM from the server. From then on, there didn't seem to be any word from 3PM anywhere.